Carbon Aluminum Table

The CAT is coming soon

What weighs 24 pounds, stands 18 inches tall, is 20 inches wide at the shoulder, can extend to 24 inches tall and stretch in length from 64 to 72 inches while easily holding upwards of 750 pounds on its back? When not on the ground this animal of a product travels safely and easily in […]
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What's new at Lifetimer

What’s new at Lifetimer???

This is a question I often get from people when I bump into them at various seminars, “What’s new?” I am always pleased to respond due to the exciting things happening at Lifetimer! For example, the new Chiro-Bot table is selling well ahead of expected projections. Customers are giving such great feedback that we can’t […]
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Lifetimer Flex Table

What is the Lifetimer Flex table?

The LIFETIMER Flex table is one of the most unique and functional treatment tables in the industry The Lifetimer Flex table originally began when we were challenged by one of our customers to develop a chiropractic table that offered hands-free, 3 axis, motion of the caudal end of the table and a combination of both […]
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Lifetimer International

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