The CAT is coming soon

What weighs 24 pounds, stands 18 inches tall, is 20 inches wide at the shoulder, can extend to 24 inches tall and stretch in length from 64 to 72 inches while easily holding upwards of 750 pounds on its back?

When not on the ground this animal of a product travels safely and easily in it’s own wheeled protective caring case (Airline Friendly) to any destination in the world you dare take it.

The CAT was designed from the ground up to be the world’s lightest, strongest, full sized portable chiropractic table available! With so many airlines imposing restrictions and increased fees for overweight/oversized checked bags, we felt it was time to scratch back.

The result is what we will forever refer to as the CAT with its sleek black, and silver accent, finish. We are now accepting pre – orders, as the response is great, so call to get your name on the wait list.