What’s new at Lifetimer???

I am always pleased to respond due to the exciting things happening at Lifetimer! For example, the new Chiro-Bot table is selling well ahead of expected projections. Customers are giving such great feedback that we can’t help but share it! One local chiropractor was so anxious to get his Chiro-bot that we loaned him our Chiro-bot while his was being made. He loved the loaner table so much, he ended up ordering a second Chiro-Bot before his first one was ready. He actually had several repeat patients requesting to have the room with the Chiro-bot table, even though he had other treatment rooms with various competitors’ tables. He said, “I had no choice, my patients were very persuasive! What else could I do?” This doctor used our loaner table for a total of three weeks and didn’t need to recharge the battery once. Another exciting bit of news is the recently delivered, newly designed Lifetimer Flex tables. They are performing flawlessly and dazzling the doctors that now own them. Each doctor receives a 30-60 minute FaceTime tutorial as needed for training purposes. The positive feedback on these Flex tables has been absolutely overwhelming, to say the least! Let’s just say, we get the “WOW” comment a lot! Isn’t it great that people don’t ever begin a greeting with something like, “Long time no see! What’s old news at Lifetimer and possibly even boring?” If they did ask such a question and I had to answer honestly, then I would probably respond with something like, “Thanks for asking! (ala Eeyore) We still make 5 different models of portable chiropractic tables that are as popular as ever. They just keep on selling like boring, plain, old hot cakes. Our elevation tables now tally up to 5 models with different designs and features, not counting the FLEX table. Limited lifetime warranties still apply, and repeat customers still get 10% off their future table purchases. We’ve now sold over 6,000 tables since our beginning twenty years ago, serving approximately 10% of the chiropractors and students in the industry. I’d like to finish off with a quote from my favorite hero of all time, Forrest Gump. I’d say something like, “That’s all I got to say about that.”