The Lifetimer Flex table exceeds customer expectations

Recently, we relaunched the Flex table and the response has been very pleasing to say the least!

We know that the price tag puts this table out of reach for many inquiring docs. However, even those people have stated a future interest in the table when they can afford it. The Flex table is so versatile that it is not limited to any single technique. It was designed to be a chiropractic table first, with dimensions and features that most chiropractors appreciate. The primary goal was to develop a chiropractic table that would double as a hands-free flexion distraction table and more. In fact, it was requested that we create a table capable of 3D hands-free movement of the caudal section of the table. We later learned this was one of the long lived yet never fulfilled goals of the late Leander Eckard, developer and inventor of the original Leander flexion distraction table. The Lifetimer Flex table is however, more than an ordinary flexion distraction table. It can be used for many techniques including ART, Graston, Cox work, Gonstead , Diversified, McKenzie and so much more. The current programming has 6 auto programmed channels in addition to the manual function. There are 12 more auto functions available, which have yet to be programmed/activated. We will use customer requests to drive the development of future automatic functions. Therefore, whether you treat anything from soft tissue injuries with muscle type pin and stretch techniques, plain old osseous adjustments or disc treatment/low back therapies, the Lifetimer Flex table can outperform anything else out there in ways that you just have to see to believe. Stay tuned for the new Lifetimer Flex YouTube video coming late next month. Watch it and you will see why so many customers are saying: Get A LIFETIMER!
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