Elevating Headpiece

Elevating Headpiece

Elevation Headpiece provides up to 4 inches of vertical height travel to the standard flexion/ extension headpiece on all Lifetimer elevation tables.

The elevation feature is easily activated with a quick touch lever control and combines with the Flexion / Extension function to provide infinite head piece positions. . This elevation headpiece easily interchanges with the standard Flexion/Extension headpiece with easy removal of 4 bolts which attach the entire assembly to the table underside.

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All Lifetimer elevation tables can be upgraded to include the Elevation Head-Piece option without compromising the function of the inherit Flexion/Extension feature. We have engineered the Lifetimer Elevation Head-Piece to be extremely user-friendly and pinch point free, unlike many of our competitor’s head-pieces.

Available on the LT-ME3, LT-CAM, LT-eMT, LT-Flex, and Chiro-bot

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Blue, Black, Burgundy