Flexion Distraction Table LT-Flex

Flexion Distraction Table LT-Flex

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[This Product is under development and will become available soon]

The revolutionary LT-FLEX Table was designed to provide treatment for both chiropractic and physical therapy patients. The caudal section of the table can articulate with single, dual, or triple axis (3D) movement. If features hands on, hands free, and automated control. The automation control (solid-state electronic/software system) allows the provider to select between manual and pre-programmed controls. The pre-programmed control has the capability to manually interject and augment the movement of the caudal section of the table. The LT-FLEX table is the only one of its kind. It should be seriously considered by all practitioners providing both passive and active treatments for their patients.

Additional information

Weight 265 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 21 in
Drop Piece Cover

None, Drop Piece Cover ($99)

Massage Cushion (contoured)

None, Massage Cushion (contoured) (+$179)

Grip Covers

None, Grip Covers (+$99)

Breast Cushion

None, Breast Cushion (+$159)

Lumbo-Pelvic Drop

None, Lumbo-Pelvic Drop (+$399)

Pregnancy Cushion

None, Pregnancy Cushion (+$399)

Thoracic Drop Pieces

None, Thoracic Drop Pieces (+$399)

Elevating Headpiece

None, Elevating Headpiece (+$399)