Portable Chiropractic Table LT-1000

Portable Chiropractic Table LT-1000

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It’s standard features accommodate nearly any chiropractic technique. Such standard features are modular cushions (as with the LT-500) to interchange with optional cushions like the pregnancy cushion, breast cushion, and massage cushion. Additional standard features include the a Face Paper Unit, Cervical Chair/Knee-Chest Bench configuration, a Crescent face cushion, an 8″ half round Bolster, and a quick touch adjustable flexion/extension headpiece.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 24 x 12 in

Blue, Black, Burgundy

Lumbo-Pelvic Drop

None, Lumbo-Pelvic Drop (+$339)

Thoracic Drop Pieces

None, Thoracic Drop Pieces (+$339)

Pivoting Arm Rests

None, Pivoting Arm Rests (+$79)

Height Adjustable

None, 18"-24" (+$179), 16.5"-22.5" (+$189), 19"-25" (+$189)

Pregnancy Cushion

None, Pregnancy Cushion (+$339)

Massage Cushion (contoured)

None, Massage Cushion (contoured) (+$129)

Grip Covers

None, Grip Covers (+$79)

Foot Grip Cover

None, Foot Grip Cover (+$79)

Drop Piece Cover

None, Drop Piece Cover ($79)

Length Extension

None, Length Extension (+$159)

Crescent Face Cushion

None, Small (+$79)

Breast Cushion

None, Breast Cushion (+$119)