Portable Chiropractic Table LT-500

Portable Chiropractic Table LT-500

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The LT-500 is our flagship portable chiropractic table. At a glance, it is easily mistaken as a stationary chiropractic table. In fact, the table top cushions (modular) are of the exact same design as the Lifetimer Elevation Tables, with two progressively firmer layers of foam underlying rich upholstery for just the right density when it comes to patient comfort and adjusting effectiveness. Many in the chiropractic industry consider this LT-500 as the top end of the portable table food chain.

This portable chiropractic table works best with the optional modular cushions, thoracic drop pieces, and pelvic drops that make it possible to quickly adapt the table for nearly any treatment requirement. Cushion options include a pregnancy cushion, breast cushion, and even a massage cushion to accommodate massage therapy when desired. Added to this, the LT- 500 comes standard with the very functional quick touch infinitely adjustable flexion/ext. headpiece system and face paper unit.

The table surface is made of high-grade washable, polyvinyl. Optional black, nylon velcro grip covers for added patient positioning and table protection. Other useful options are height adjustable legs and pivoting arm rests. This table sets up in just seconds and is transported easily with our optional bag with wheels or shoulder strap style carry bag.

The Standard table height is 18″ (45 cm). *Optional heights and height adjustable legs are available at additional charges. Table folds to size 36 x 21 x 11.


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Lumbo-Pelvic Drop

None, Lumbo-Pelvic Drop (+$399)

Thoracic Drop Pieces

None, Thoracic Drop Pieces (+$399)

Pregnancy Cushion

None, Pregnancy Cushion (+$399)

Massage Cushion (contoured)

None, Massage Cushion (contoured) (+$179)

Breast Cushion

None, Breast Cushion (+$159)

Grip Covers

None, Grip Covers (+$99)

Foot Grip Cover

None, Foot Grip Cover (+$99)

Half Round Bolster

None, Half Round Bolster With Straps (+$79)

Pivoting Arm Rests

None, Pivoting Arm Rests (+$99)