Table Grip Covers

Table Grip Covers

In 1994, Lifetimer invented the Velcro attachable Chiropractic table Grip cover.

Each Lifetimer table can be outfitted with its own Grip Cover. So what exactly is a Grip Cover? A Grip Cover is a nylon, velvet feel, Velcro removable, anti-slip, black-colored table cover.

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Grip Covers are made of a Velcro attachable/ removable nylon-velvet material. These Grip Covers add both a protective dimension and a grippy surface to Lifetimer tables in 1-3 different locations. These covers can be quickly placed over the table mid section, foot section or over a pelvic drop piece to protect the table and to promote a better grip on patient clothing where slippage can occur especially with side posture positions. Designed to fit only Lifetimer tables and can be embellished with your own embroidered logo on custom orders by quote.

It can be Velcroed in place on certain areas of the table for secure patients positioning (eg: side posture adjusting) and for table surface protection. Standard color is black.  Also , you can customize with your own logo or other insignia at additional charges. Most commonly the Grip Covers are placed on the table midsection, but it is highly advisable to have a foot end Grip Cover to reduce scuffing and vinyl tearing from shoe eyelets etc. A Grip Cover is also available for the pelvic drop.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 11 x 2 in