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The Lifetimer Lumbo-Pelvic and Thoracic drop pieces were designed to fit modularly in place on several models of Lifetimer Chiropractic tables. Simply remove the corresponding shape modular cushion by lifting it off the table and insert the drop piece in place of this removed cushion. Additionally, our Drop Pieces are portable, and universal, and can be used on top of other tables such as Tony’s/In-line tables, Thuli tables, Elite tables, Thomas tables and on Ergo-style benches, and more. These spring-loaded drop pieces are a practical modular addition to any practice seeking to provide pelvic, lumbar and thoracic drop modalities professionally and effectively. Again, each drop is easily utilized on top of most chiropractic tables, whether or not they are a Lifetimer table. These drops are very crisp acting with stainless steel and high density wear resistant UHMW parts. The polyvinyl surface is durable and easy to keep clean.

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