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The Lifetimer Ergonomic Backpack is made of high-grade materials and designed for durability, functionality and comfort. Roomy exterior pockets provide space for items that can be easily accessed, while durably constructed interior compartments keep possessions secure, dry and easy to organize. Ergonomic shoulder straps with chest and waist straps with nylon clasps for added security. The triangular ergonomic shape is what makes this back pack special. Cyclists will enjoy the diminished wind drag of this bag based on the triangular shape and optimized wind tunnel effect. Did you know that Lifetimer International has been manufacturing Ergonomic Back Packs and related soft goods since 1996. The goal was to develop a product line to supply the pro shops at various gyms and clubs with an attractive, competitive and durable product to exceed the industry standard. Many customers tell us they still enjoy their flawless Lifetimer back pack which was purchased years ago.
Size: 20.5″tall x 12.5 wide” x 8 expanded depth”

The Lifetimer fanny pack we call the Hip Hugger is a sleek, streamlined pouch that leaves you hands free, secures your items in a neatly organized, convenient and comfortable transport pack. The hip hugger comes in standard vinyl black, and boasts a ultra-strong waist clasp and storage webbing that won’t wear out or loosen over time.
Size: 14″ x 8″ x 10″

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