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Our medical bags can be used by chiropractors, acupuncturists, doctors, and other medical professionals. Great for all related diagnostic medical tools, and also highly functional as an airline friendly carry-on or tote bag.
The Doctors Handbag is sturdy, compact bag with three compartments, 15 slots varying in size to accommodate small diagnostic tools, and two zippered compartments. The shoulder strap is designed for comfort and a secure non-slip fit. The Sports Medicine Bag is a larger version of the doctor bag with the same features and added room for common EMT supplies and equipment like tape, large scissors, wraps, and so on.

Both bags double as a convenient travel bag and airplane carry-on bag. Did you know that Lifetimer International provides more Doctor bags and Sports Medicine bags to Chiropractic Colleges and Universities than all our competitors combined? The reason for this is the superior high quality, functional design, and great volume discount pricing.

Many customers purchase these great bags for personal use such as for a carry-on travel bag to organize personal effects. The Sports Medicine bag is often purchased for laptop transportation which is handled nicely by this bag due to the larger dimension and padded nylon compartment. Padded and slip resistant materials on the shoulder straps makes shoulder positioning comfortable and hassle free.

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