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madeusaslideBelated Merry Christmas and Happy New York!

You might read this and think this is a typo, however this is the Title of a recent e-card we received from a would be vendor from Asia. I have posted this to raise a laugh from all prospective readers and to use this as a segway into our latest announcement beginning the NEW YEAR and explain why we will be going this direction.


Effective 2014, Lifetimer International will be seeking to carry ( IN ADDITION TO OUR OWN ) other vendors products, to include entirely where possible, but not limited to products Made in the USA**. We are proud to announce this as we feel it is time more USA companies make a stand to support our USA manufacturing base. Hopefully this will include ( where available and applicable) products ( durable and consumable) from all facets of the Chiropractic, Physical therapy, Massage therapy, and Medical supply industries. We sincerely hope to be your ONE STOP, USA SHOP, for all these related product needs. Stay tuned by checking in from time to time, and or LIKE US ON FACE BOOK for future product listings/announcements. Sincerely, Dr. Rene Lifetimer International
Not all products that we sell are sourced and assembled in the USA. Look for our “Made in the USA stamp” on the product description page to see if the product is made or sourced here. Any product that has the stamp qualifies for the Made in the USA claim according to FTA guidelines because it is either all or virtually all assembled or sourced here in the USA.
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