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All Products Are Proudly Made In The USA!


    Accessories for Lifetimer's famous LT-Flex, including chiropractic lumbar, pelvic and thoracic drops, chiropractic and massage therapy cushions, and more!

    Blue Lifetimer International Pregnancy Cushion for Chiropractic Adjustment, Massage and Physical Therapy for prenatal wellness care on portable and elevation flexion / distraction tables

    Pregnancy Cushion


    Blue polyvinyl Lifetimer International portable Lumbo Pelvic, lumbar and thoracic drop piece for chiropractic adjustment therapy for chiropractors

    Lumbo-Pelvic Drop


    blue flexion/ extension headpiece for elevation chiropractic and massage tables
    blue quick touch elevation headpiece for chiropractic and massage tables

    Elevating Headpiece


    Blue Lifetimer International Thoracic Drop piece for portable and elevation flexion / distraction tables for chiropractic, massage, naturopathic and physical therapies

    Thoracic Drop Pieces


    blue chiropractic and massage breast cushion

    Breast Cushion


    Lifetimer International black, slip-resistant velcro table grip covers for chiropractic, massage and physical therapy tables

    Table Grip Covers


    Blue polyvinyl Lifetimer International chiropractic massage contoured cushion with velcro for portable and programmable elevation flexion distraction tables

    Massage Cushion (Contoured)


    black slip resistant chiropractic and massage table grip covers

    Drop Piece Cover