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All Products Are Proudly Made In The USA!

    Student Discounts

    Our student discount program works as follows:

    We have a Lifetimer Campus Ambassador program (also referred to as our Student Representative program) in which aspiring chiropractic students may sign on to work with us as 1099 independent contractors who work their own schedule. We generally work with one representative per institution, who is issued a unique ambassador promo code they can provide to others for get a 10% discount for their purchase of Lifetimer tables.

    Please contact us if you would like more information about participating in this program or if you would like the contact information of your institution's student rep so you can connect with them for their code as well as see an in-person demo of their own Lifetimer equipment.

    TBD: We will offer other soft good item(s) such as ( Doc, Athletic, or Sports Med bags, diagnostic tool pouch, weight lifting gloves, weight lifting belt, etc) (Disclaimer: This offer is to enrolled students who purchase directly from Lifetimer Int. and cannot be combined with any other offer, discount, coupons, awards, gifts, etc.)