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    Repair Services

    Repair Services for Tables and Accessories Outside of Warranty Period

    At Lifetimer, we understand that even the most durable products may require maintenance or repairs & refurbishment over time. We offer repair services for Lifetimer tables and accessories beyond the warranty period to ensure our customers can continue to use their products optimally.

    Repair services are subject to a minimum shop rate of $99, which includes charges for hourly labor, any necessary replacement part(s), and applicable shipping fees. Our skilled technicians will carefully assess and address any issues with your table or accessory to restore it to working condition.

    To initiate a repair request, please contact us at, and we'll guide you through the process and provide further instructions, including providing you with a quote for the service before you ship your components to us.

    Please note that the repair services are not covered under the standard warranty but are available to help you extend the life of your Lifetimer products.

    We aim to provide efficient and reliable repair solutions to maintain the functionality of your Lifetimer items.