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    Chiropractic: Pelvic Blocking

    Chiropractic: Pelvic Blocking

    The Chiropractic Pelvic Blocking Technique

    Pelvic blocking is a chiropractic technique to help align your patient's pelvis, addressing lower spine issues and promoting overall spinal health. This method is gentle and uses the body's weight along with specially designed supports to adjust the pelvis naturally.

    Understanding Pelvic Blocking

    The goal of pelvic blocking is to correct issues stemming from misalignments in the sacroiliac joints, where the spine connects to the pelvis. Misalignments here can lead to problems like lower back pain, irregular walking patterns, or even discomfort in sitting or standing for long periods. By correctly positioning supports under the pelvis, you leverage gravity and the patient's body weight to encourage the pelvic bones to realign, helping to correct these imbalances.

    Tools for Pelvic Blocking

    In practice, you'll use either foam or wooden blocks, and possibly other supportive tools, placed under the patient's pelvis for adjustments. Recommended characteristics of these tools are::

    • Stability and Non-Slip: Ensuring the tool stays in place during treatment, providing a stable base for adjustments.
    • Optimal Firmness: Balancing between too soft and too hard to ensure comfort while effectively assisting adjustments.
    • Comfort: Using tools with multiple layers or comfortable materials can improve patient experience and the effectiveness of the treatment.
    Chiropractic Adjusting Board for Pelvic Blocking
    *Note: Lifetimer's Large Adjusting Board was designed with the above criteria in mind.

    Enhancing Pelvic Blocking Techniques

    As you develop your skills, you'll learn to tailor pelvic blocking to each patient's needs. Adjusting the placement and firmness of the support allows for more precise adjustments, potentially leading to better outcomes. For example, if a patient has sciatica due to pelvic misalignment, adjusting the support to specifically target the affected area can alleviate their symptoms. This adaptability underscores the personalized nature of chiropractic care, allowing you to create a treatment plan that addresses each patient's unique health concerns.

    Pelvic blocking is a fundamental technique in chiropractic care, significantly enhanced by the use of specific tools. Understanding how to effectively use these tools allows you to refine your approach, providing more focused and patient-centered care. This technique, also known as sacro-occipital technique (SOT) blocking in some circles, is crucial for addressing pelvic and spinal imbalances gently and non-invasively. Always seek to increase your knowledge and skill set for your practice in order to improve your patient's spinal health and well-being.

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