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    Lifetimer Student Rep and Ambassador Program: Empowering Chiropractic Students

    Lifetimer Student Rep and Ambassador Program: Empowering Chiropractic Students

    Lifetimer International's Student Sales Rep & Ambassador Program provides invaluable opportunities for chiropractic students. In this article, we'll delve into the program's key aspects, ensuring clarity and accessibility for aspiring student representatives.

    Origins of Lifetimer's Student Sales Rep Program:

    Initiated over 25 years ago, Lifetimer's Student Rep Program faced challenges due to limited connectivity. However, with the rise of social media, Lifetimer revitalized the initiative, ensuring students stay connected and informed about portable tables even after graduation.

    Benefits for Chiropractic Students:

    • High-Quality Portable Table: Participants receive an affordable, top-quality Ultim-Lite portable table with various options included as desired.
    • Sales Commission: Student reps earn a generous sales commission on all sales, also covering their initial investment after selling 10 tables.
    • Lifelong Clientele: Introduce customers to Lifetimer, creating lifelong clients with a 10% discount on future Lifetimer table purchases.
    • Ultim-Lite Table Savings: Investing in the Ultim-Lite Table offers substantial savings, allowing students to save hundreds of dollars or more when purchasing multiple tables for their future practices.

    The Significance of the Ultim-Lite Table:

    The Ultim-Lite Table, designed to fit airline-friendly luggage (of a certain size) seamlessly, embodies Lifetimer's commitment to lasting quality. Lifetimer tables are renowned for their exceptional durability, often exceeding 20 years of service. This longevity ensures that chiropractic students not only have a portable solution for their educational needs but also a reliable companion throughout their entire professional journey. It's an investment that stands the test of time, supporting students from their academic years to their successful chiropractic practices.

    Flexibility and Independence:

    Student reps operate as independent contractors, managing their schedules and workload independently. There are no stringent requirements; representing Lifetimer products well among friends and colleagues allows the product's quality to speak for itself. This flexibility provides an opportunity for extra income during chiropractic education, catering to the diverse needs of students.

    Collaboration and Incentives:

    The program encourages group orders, fostering teamwork among students. These group orders offer tiered discounts and complimentary items, promoting collaborative efforts and enhancing the overall experience for student representatives.

    Getting Involved:

    Becoming a student representative is straightforward. Interested individuals can contact Lifetimer International via email ( or phone (503-283-7000) to express their interest. Lifetimer will provide a detailed information packet explaining program benefits, responsibilities, and initiation steps.

    Dr. Rene's Personal Journey:

    Dr. Rene's own experience exemplifies the program's potential, emphasizing the transformative opportunities available to students. The program preserves the core spirit of entrepreneurship, allowing students to thrive in the chiropractic field.

    Lifetimer International's Student Sales Rep Program is more than an opportunity; it's an investment in a successful future. By becoming a student representative, aspiring chiropractors can gain practical experience, substantial income, and invaluable connections in the field. Join the program, and let Lifetimer empower your chiropractic career or that of someone you know!

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