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    Interview with the CEO: Ultim-Lite Product Launch!

    Interview with the CEO: Ultim-Lite Product Launch!

    Lifetimer has unveiled the groundbreaking Ultim Lite portable table for healthcare professionals worldwide. Dr. St. Cyr, CEO of Lifetimer, shares the inspiration behind this innovative product, its unique features, and the commitment to customer satisfaction that sets Lifetimer International apart in the industry. Read the Q&A below to learn more about the Ultim-Lite!

    Q&A with Dr. Rene:

    Q1. The UItim-Lite portable treatment table has launched! What inspired the development of this innovative product, and how does it address the specific needs of chiropractic, massage, and naturopathic professionals?

    Answer: The Ultim lite was developed to meet the needs of those health care providers looking for a professional functioning and looking portable table they can use in the clinic and in the field. Of course, the field means everywhere outside of the clinic setting, oftentimes involving airline travel. Over time the airline industry has reduced the size and weight of check-on luggage and the luggage manufacturers have responded with a host of capable spinner style hard shell cases.

    Lifetimer studied these cases and scaled the size of the new Ultim- Lite to fit inside many of these quality brand travel cases. Over time we hope to receive a multitude of relationships with these spinner style brands to help our Ultim-Lite customers to acquire a quality travel case quickly and affordably.

    Q2. Can you describe the key features and benefits of this portable table that set it apart from existing options in the market?

    Answer: The Ultim- Lite is the first table we have developed which can be ordered / built A la carte so to speak. We have essentially taken the key elements of five of our current portable brands and blended and integrated the key important elements of each model into the Ultim-lite. The result is a truly fantastic product, expandable and built the way you need it from basic to fully loaded with all the bells and whistles.

    The Ultim-Lite is available to order in two base models:

    Non-modular ($799):
    Lifetimer International Ultim-Lite Portable Chiropractic Table airline-friendly
      Modular ($899):
        Lifetimer International Ultim-Lite Portable Chiropractic Table airline-friendly

        (click the images to visit the product pages and view demo videos)

        Q3. What challenges did your team face during the development process, and how were they overcome to bring this product to market successfully?

        Answer: Surprisingly the challenges in developing the Ultim-Lite were very few and far between. This I believe comes from nearly 30 years of experience and working with great employees and vendors capable of supporting us in our areas of need. Add this to the current innovations available in new materials and technologies and the Ultim- Lite was born.

        Q4. What customer feedback or insights played a role in shaping the design and functionality of this portable table, and how have those insights been integrated into the final product?

        Answer: The overwhelming challenge we kept hearing from our customers has been the additional fees imposed by Airlines for over size and or overweight luggage. We have known of this issue for several years now; however we were also keenly aware of the needs of practitioners to have the necessary features to allow them to effectively deliver the techniques and level of care they and their patients demand.
        We essentially scaled everything in the Ultim-Lite to be lightweight, compact (where practical) without compromising and in fact expanding on the functionality for those requiring additional optional features.

        Q5. Now that the portable table is available for sale, what can customers expect in terms of support, warranties, and any additional services to ensure their satisfaction and product longevity?

        Answer: The warranty is the same as every Lifetimer product that bears our name. We are always welcoming feedback and reviews and hope to learn more from our customers' experiences while using this new table. Our Ultimate goal with this product outside of making a great functional diverse product for our customers is to develop a vast array of direct and indirect relationships with spinner luggage companies so our customers can easily select the style and color of their spinner luggage to transport their Ultim-Lite table to all regions of this great planet.

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