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    Is it Time to Upgrade Your Treatment Table? Signs and Tips

    Is it Time to Upgrade Your Treatment Table? Signs and Tips

    Treatment tables are crucial for docs and comfy for patients. But, if yours does little more than get the job done nowadays, it might be time for an upgrade. Let's break it down:

    1. Check the Table Condition: First impressions are everything. If your table looks worn—old school, squished cushions, beat-up leather—it's hurting your clinic's reputation. Fresh, modern and sophisticated is the way to go.

    2. Look at the Features: When selecting between portable and elevation tables, features are crucial. In today's landscape where automation is a game-changer, aligning your choice with specific needs is essential.

    • Portable tables: A mobile practitioner won't need elevating features beyond leg height extensions. However, many portable tables lack them. In this scenario, upgrading your fixed-height portable table to an adjustable height table, or adding in features like pivoting arm rests where once you didn't have them can enhance the patient experience and provide you with ergonomic advantages. For practitioners always on the move, a portable table is always the solution. Look for increased weight capacity, a robust frame, and high-quality materials. Opt for foldable designs, cost-effective options, and stylish upholstery—ideal for those prioritizing flexibility and adaptability. Ensure you select a table can fit inside airline-friendly, protective luggage cases if you actively travel in your practice.
    • Elevation Tables: If automated precision and control are crucial, an elevation table may suit your needs. Seek motorized or battery-operated and programmable memory features to enhance precision and versatility, catering to practitioners who value adaptability and reliability in a singular environment with high volume patient visits.

    3. Listen to Patients: Your patients' comfort is gold. If they're saying the table is too hard, too small, or just uncomfortable, take note. Also, if they struggle to get on or feel it's not sturdy, that's a sign. Watch for awkward moves during treatments, some patients aren't big talkers. If these things come up, it's upgrade time.

    4. Efficiency is Everything: In your day, every minute counts. Spending an extra 15-22.5 mins adjusting the table for 30 patients daily adds up. Over a week, that's more than an hour or two you could have spent on something more value-added, or even a well-deserved break! For this reason, you might upgrade to a slick table with battery-operated, programmable elevation. It's not just about saving time; it's about boosting your service quality and keeping a good work-life balance.

    5. Tax Benefits: Like any other business, healthcare and wellness clinics, including chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and similar services-providers incur business expenses and therefore are eligible for tax credits and deductions - on an annual schedule! Perhaps you have been mulling over an upgrade for some time but haven't been sure about whether it makes fiscal sense. Note that elevation tables are eligible for at least the ADA Tax Credit and Section 179 Deduction. Portable tables qualify for the 179 Deduction! Your CPA / Tax advisor will be the most qualified to help you determine whether the timing is right in terms of $$$

    Remember, your treatment table isn't just furniture—it's a tool for your practice. If it's not cutting it anymore, go check out the modern options. Stay in the loop on the cool designs and features to keep your clinic top-notch. 🩹💡

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