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All Products Are Proudly Made In The USA!

    Our Core Values

    Our Core Values

    Our Core Values


    We are continually looking at equipment in the areas of chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy. Our goal is to vastly improve the products and equipment in these industries. We observe the norms in these fields and apply our vast knowledge of function and ergonomics to recreate and better optimize the use of these products. Once we find the areas where a desirable product within our core market is deficient, we brainstorm with our highly skilled and creative team to improve the way these products perform. For example, we were the first to truly innovate the ergonomic shape of the chiropractic table. Prior to 1995, no other chiropractic table in production incorporated a scalloped shaped recess, slightly caudal to the center section of the table. Today thousands of practitioners appreciate this practical and ergonomic shape on their Lifetimer table. Side posture, and anterior adjustments are more ergonomically performed, and motion palpable is now easier on you when you straddle the ergonomic section.


    When it comes to designing Lifetimer tables, we have always started from the ground and worked up. We believe every design begins with a solid foundation. Our portable chiropractic tables are supported by 3 strategically located aluminum leg assemblies, each with full table width horizontal bars as the first point of contact on the floor. The same accomplished stability found in our portable designs was the desired result we first dreamed of when we later set out in 2003 to develop our line of elevation tables. We found a reliable and reputable European motor company with a strong, dual-lift, motor system. With the dual lift columns, we have the planet's fastest, quietest, and most stable line of elevation tables. Did we also mention the lightest weight and safest in terms of clean unencumbered design?


    We believe that form and function work in unison. If the form is correct, the ideal function should surely follow. This is why we design with ergonomic functional shapes and contours which allow the practitioner to perform limitless techniques when using our tables. Whether you are engaging the Quick Touch levers which control the infinitely positional Head Piece and Arm Rest assemblies or exchanging out one of our many Velcro removable modular top cushion configurations, we have given it our all to incorporate the highest functionality possible.


    We have always strived to produce the highest possible quality products at the lowest possible prices. We are trusting that after you compare the quality, functionality and designs of our tables with others, that you will find them affordable. We believe in the motto; ” You get what you pay for.” We hope you will be confident in our products and that you will GET A LIFETIMER.

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